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About counselling and how it works

Everyone who comes to counselling does so for different reasons, but the main purpose is to enable you to find more meaningful and fulfilling ways of living your life. Humanistic counselling focuses on a person’s individual needs and nature, rather than generalising and grouping people with similar feelings and concerns.

Counselling is an opportunity to create a safe, supportive, honest space where you can talk about aspects of your life in confidence and without judgement. As a counsellor you will find me warm, honest, accepting and respectful. Working side-by-side we can explore areas of your life that are causing you concern. From here we can start to understand the world from your point of view, and how experiences from your past may be impacting your thoughts, feelings and approach to life in the here and now.

Clients often look at counselling as a journey through which you become increasingly self-aware. I will focus on helping you recognise choices and pathways you have available to you, giving you more control over your life, rather than perhaps feeling like there is no way out. Gaining this fresh perspective on the things you are struggling with will give you the opportunity to make changes to your life, should you wish to, helping to alleviate your anxieties, worries or concerns.

I am a strong believer that we all have it within ourselves to promote self-growth, healing and fulfilment, but we occasionally need help from others to realise and nurture these. I will aim to support you in recognising your own resources and resilience in difficult situations, increasing your ability to deal with them more confidently.

Humanistic counselling has a clearly demonstrated benefit to people at times of stress and difficulty in their lives and can help with areas including:

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· Stress
· Relationships
· Anxiety
· Bereavement
· Depression
· Addiction
· Confidence
· Redundancy
· Low self esteem
· Family issues
· Feeling overwhelmed

What benefits might you expect?

The benefits people feel after counselling vary from person to person, but in my experience there are some key areas of benefit that reoccur more than others;

· See your thoughts from a different perspective
· Cathartic experience
· Time set aside to confront feelings
· Benefit from talking to a neutral party
· Feel less alone with your problems
· Find it easier to cope in everyday life
· Share the burden of your emotions
· Improve your physical wellbeing
· Greater self awareness and control

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